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Rare MicroMosaic
Russian Imperial Table
Auctioned by Sotheby's

Welcome to Micro-Mosaic.com,Your 
personal connection to the world
of fine Micromosaic Art.

Learn about the mosaic artists of the 
past and their extravagant patrons. 
Visit our image library with images and 
pictures of Micromosaic 
masterpieces by Italian, French,
and Russian masters.

Introduce yourself to the world of collecting 
fine Micromosaic furniture, decorative arts,  
jewelry, pictures, snuff boxes, & more.

Obtain professional assistance for your
collecting needs from Jeanette Gabriel,
Honorary Curator of the Gilbert Collection
Museum in London, and former Director of 
Art Collections
for The Gilbert Foundation
in Los Angeles. She is the acknowledged 
authority on Micromosaics. Free Initial Consultation.




Refer to our extensive Micromosaic Glossary and 
Dictionary of terms to further your knowledge
and understanding of this esoteric subject matter. 

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